What We Offer

Domestic Offers


         Being the first step of the Film Restoration process, we help convert your physical material into a digitized format. We inspect your material with professionals and decide upon the type of scanning required. We take complete precaution in ensuring the protection of your material and carryout the scanning process gradually step by step with physical interventions as and when required.


              The restoration process would be undertaken by us Step by Step. Having dedicated teams for every project, we shall ensure timely delivery of the output required. Though the restoration process may be completed automated with the software, we are particular in reviewing the output frame by frame to ensure the quality of the material provided and also decide upon manual interventions as required.


              Films are sensitive to time, humidity and temperature. We are equipped with a film light color grading system and it is technically flexible in allowing the colorist to make as many number of corrections, layers and complex mattes in a single frame. Color balancing is done on Base light, which can be used by any digital master for reproduction in any format.


         With the fully equipped state of the art facility, your original material can be re- pitched without fear of digital artefacts and the need to provide re-sized and re-rendered images, saving your valuable time. We work on multiple video formats inclusive of SD/HD/2K, 4K, 6K and 8K.Working alongside with dedicated teams helps us meet internationally aligned geometry and color workflow. The master provided shall be in any formats including negatives, video tapes, or any other storage medium.

International offers


         Being the laborious and challenging part of the Digital Intermediate process, Dust busting helps in removing dust, fingerprints, exposures, patches, color channel dust, stains and scratches. Multiple filters are used to remove these dusts without damaging the images. Though the process is automated, we would also dig deep to find out the areas where manual interventions are required. We can perform all the different dust removals in this.


              Due to the lighting variations in a frame which disturbs the viewer shall be removed by us with ultimate care to ensure quality output. X-ray fog removals are part of these De-flickering services where exposed negatives having lighting variations are controlled.


              Shakes in a picture may be felt due to worn sprocket holes caused because of inaccurate placement in scanning gates, multiple printing generations without exact alignments and edge damage or film shrinkage. By stabilizing, we ensure that we correct all these shakes end to end of the given material and pass it through three types of quality checks to provide you the expected output.

Line Scratch Removal

          Line scratches are common in motion picture films and they create a rainy effect in the output. Our line scratches detection and removal techniques has been proven on several film sequences. The scratches are repaired using spatial filters that analyse pixels on both sides of the damage. As scratches are not identical across the film, it is split into batches and groups of frames and the process is carried out.

Full Film Restoration

    This is a complete package service of single frame defects, bacteria removal, dust-busting,de-flickering, stabilization, line scratch removal along with special requirements of mould fixing, tears and gatehair removal. We work on resolution independent formats which include SD, HD, 2K, 4K, 6K and 8K or any other formats in between.